What Guys Want?

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Let’s be honest for a minute. We’ve all been there. A cute guy caught our eyes and all of our common sense that told us to stay away flew into the wind. We didn’t care how they acted until, after time, we discovered he was truly one of the bad boys. His good looks all of a sudden vanished and were replaced with his terrible personality.  We couldn’t figure out how to get out rid of him.

Guys are the same way. Initially, they look at the outward appearance, and if they are serious about the girl, they look at a girl’s inner beauty.  This determines if they want to pursue a long lasting relationship or if they just want to keep it physical and superficial. Are you stuck in a superficial dating relationship and you don’t know it? Here are a few things to remind yourself what guys really want in a girl.

  • Guys are visual and like girls who take care of themselves outwardly, but they also want the beauty that comes inside of her. Confidence, intelligence, compassion for others, and honesty are just a few qualities they seek. If a guy isn’t interested in what you do or your values, you might want to think twice about dating him.
  • Guys want to be with someone who they can be themselves around. They don’t want to be with a girl who makes them feel they need to constantly impress or spend money to keep her interest.
  • Guys like playful, supportive, happy, independent girls. A needy girlfriend will quickly turn a guy away.
  • Modesty is important to guys who are serious about future relationships. They don’t want their girlfriends showing everything they have for the next guy to see.
  • Initially, flirty girls are fun, but not long lasting. Guys make mental notes on flirty girls. They think if she’s flirting with them, she might be flirting with the next guy when they’re not around.
  • Christian guys think that girls are most beautiful when they are committed to serving Jesus in everything they do and pursuing a godly character.
  • Make wise decisions when spending time with a guy. It’s never too late to change mistakes and to honor Jesus with everything you does.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10 NIV