Hey everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, many of you know that I am one of the oldest (not age-wise) active members on this site (apart from Terry, of course ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Okay, so, I’m just going to mention significant things in my life that I didn’t even imagine would happen during my early years on this site:

  1. I joined this site as a meat-eater and now, I’m a vegetarian who eats vegan and raw vegan rather often (this site did not influence that, by the way).
  2. I have many friends right now that I met on here YEARS ago. Like, I wouldn’t have thought that we would all still be this close.
  3. I am a rather active person. I work out daily (or 4 times a week) and well….when I was younger, I was sitting down by a laptop till 7am rather often, talking to girls on here and I didn’t get any exercise apart from during P.E lessons at school (and I wouldn’t even classify what we did then as exercise).
  4. I have gone through 2 very significant hair textures and my hair texture has significantly changed 4 times. (straight-curly-straight-curly (my natural texture is curly and no, I didn’t just blowout or straighten my hair with a flat iron when it was straight – it was chemically processed so the processed hair was permanently straight (and eventually got trimmed off)
  5. I have gone through 3 significant hair lengths (back length – SHORT (like Denzel Washington short) – a little longer than armpit length). I wasn’t the person who made the decision for my hair to be cut short and it broke my heart when it got cut, though (don’t ask why it got cut)
  6. I have had up to 13 dogs at a time (I gave some of them away and some of them, unfortunately, died (their mum had a habit of sleeping on her pups or stepping on them so some of the poor pups didn’t survive)).
  7. I had a best friend, like an actual best friend who didn’t use me or betray me or lie to me like my previous best friends did. Unfortunately, that bestie died horrifyingly 2 years ago, but I’m glad God brought her into my life for the time I had her. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. I’ve moved house twice – moved house in England and moved house in Nigeria (I think both were in the same year, one in the summer and other in the winter). I miss the old houses, but these new ones are nice too ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. I still can’t ride a bike. Like I would’ve thought that I’ll be able to ride a bike by now.
  10. I run 4 blogs (a food, ‘health, lifestyle and fitness,’ and hair blog and one that basically kinda documents my journey since my bestie died).
  11. I have interviewed a Guiness World Record holder for one of my blogs (I still remember the excitement when she contacted me agreeing to do the interview)
  12. I have been consulted by companies who would like me to review their products before they go up on shelves (and I’m like still in my late teens (I’m not even 20 yet!))
  13. I never thought that I would ever love a school, but I sure do love the school I’m in right now! ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. I write poetry and have written tons and I plan on publishing them some day soon
  15. I have written ebooks and hosted a giveaway.
  16. I never thought that I would be a teen activist, or fight for animal and human rights, I never thought that I would volunteer at an orphanage when I’m older or go out to the streets and associate with people who have had TOTALLY different lives from mine (in relation to privileges), I never thought that I would become a charity representative or end up in a newspaper because I hosted a fundraiser in memory of my grandfather and raised about a thousand pounds for someone living with cancer (first fundraiser I hosted in the SW of England).
  17. I never thought that I would be a singer. I never thought that I would be asked to perform at events, in concerts or be the opening act for anything. I never even thought that I would be in serious musicals.
  18. I never thought that I would like 100% love myself and be happy with my body, my features, et cetera. You know, when you’ve been bullied, you start thinking of yourself as of much less worth than you actually are, you notice your imperfections and seldom notice your perfections. I’m glad I notice how wonderfully and beautifully God made me now.
  19. I never thought that I would share my testimony with 5 teenagers let alone an entire senior school (years 9-11 and college students) twice.

And….yeah….I won’t make this longer, ’cause there are like so many things that I never thought would happen. I was just thinking about this when I decided to put it up on here considering that last month marked another year of me being a TGO member ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s I don’t know if the “new” members on here call this site, ‘TGO,’ but “back in the days” (haha) we referred to this site as, ‘TGO’ which stood for ‘Todays Girls Only.’

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