Morgan Cross


Yes, I’m Maya’s younger sister and believe me, I’m nothing like her. I’m the peacemaker, the nurturer and I love the family farm. I’m an animal nut!  I’m amiable, protective, and I’d rather have things feel good than worry about who’s right.

My belief is that people are on the planet to make it a better place, and I’m just as comfortable at school as I am at home. I’m also a swimmer and hit good times in breast stroke, and often place well in freestyle. I love texting for hours, and my favorite pastime is surfing the Net. I’m not a health nut and fashion queen like Maya. I love snickers candy bars, crispy M&Ms, and I live in baggie jeans, cutoffs, and tee-shirts. This drives Madison crazy. My best friend is Alex.

I love my family, and I have my dad wrapped around my finger. I’m devoted to my mom and want to be just like her. She’s a great mom and wife and someday, I will be too! Really.

 Username: jellybean


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