Maya Cross

I’m Maya from New York City and I can’t believe I am now living in Edgewood, Indiana. This country town is driving me crazy! We inherited this farm from my grandparents – thank you very much! Even though I miss my city, I love my new bffs – Amber, Jamie, Bren, Alex and sometimes my kid sister, Morgan. My bff is Amber.

I guess you could say I’m a big idea person, a perfectionist about some things, expressive, a leader, very verbal, and a health nut. I’m confident, intelligent, and love fashion almost to the point of obsession. I’m the last one in the water at swim practice, and the first one on the dance floor at parties. I want to be a talk show host or a model someday.

My mom is an art history teacher at the community college, and my dad owns the local teen hangout “The Gnosh Pit.” My older brother, Brennan, is a senior at Edgewood , where plays football. My younger sister is Morgan, who I sometimes hang out with, and other times thinks she’s a pain.


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