Jamie Chandler

I’m a gifted writer and inspired painter, and someday I’m going to be famous! Well, maybe!  Not too long ago, after my bff and I had an argument over a crush, I decided to create the Girlfriend Codes! It’s all about, “how to be the best girlfriend you can be to your girlfriends.” We all know that we can mess up big time when it comes to our girlfriends! 

I also work at “The Gnosh Pit” and I don’t take sports seriously—Coach Hunter ( I call him Harry or Harrison) says I have a hidden gift in swimming—and I attend practice, but I’m always late and I always leave early. Luke doesn’t seem to mind, which makes the other team members jealous. BTW – I’m the only one who can call him Harry! For some reason, I have a special relationship with the Hunter’s and I babysit their sons occasionally. They treat me like a family member – it’s cool! My best friend is Bren.

Oh, about my family. My dad left our family when I was very little, shortly after we moved to Edgewood , and I have to help my working mom with my little sisters Jordan and Jessica. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s all good!

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