Hey everyone!

Welcome to my profile! I might not be on here very often, but I wanted to introduce myself before I head to bed. I\’ll try to make it brief.

I\’m 22 years old, and I\’m slowly working my way of becoming an author and illustrator. My 2017 goal (mainly) is to not use \”bases\” the entire year. If you\’re on DeviantArt, you\’ll know what I\’m talking about. I\’m known as AmeStilskin on DeviantArt.

I draw a comic series called Garondale Tales, and my co-author is my current boyfriend, who I\’ve been with for almost 2 years. If you\’re interested, please visit my DeviantArt page! I also write a chapter-book version of our comic for those who don\’t really enjoy comics.

If my username/nickname made you think of Rumpelstiltskin, then you are on point! My nickname was inspired after I started watching Once Upon A Time. My sister Serenity came up with it, and I fell in love with it. I have some trust issues, so I don\’t like giving out my real name.

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, cosplaying as my own characters, and talking to people online. I have a bit social and anxiety, and I have general anxiety. I can\’t drink anything that has caffeine after 9AM. Being in large crowds makes me nervous, and even meeting new people. I\’m actually really shy and not super talkative, even around my own family. I have this fear of being judged, so I generally keep things to myself. This tends to include my emotions. I can be easily put down or angered, but I try to keep my cool until I have an understanding of you could be telling me. I sometimes have a hard time  catching onto others emotions (especially online). I don\’t always catch onto jokes, so there is a chance I may take your joke seriously.

I don\’t like chit-chat or small talk, it\’s really hard for me to stick around when the conversation isn\’t deep. I\’m a babysitter, pet sitter, and I work for a mailing company (I won\’t be naming specifics just to sorta protect myself).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I\’ll probably be jumping on here for about 15 minutes a day just to check up on things. Thanks for visiting my profile, and I hope that we can become friends! So far I like this community.

My younger sister Serenity is also on here, and we\’re both very new to this website.

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