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Question: What is the hardest thing you ever had to do? 

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  1. Religious Liberty

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    Happy Sabbath everyone! I’m curious, what is your “Christian practice?” I’m Seventh Day Adventist. I worship on Saturday, I don’t eat unclean food (shrimp, crab, pork, squid.. Anything that doesn’t have fins and scales, or doesn’t chew the cud). I’m a believer of Ellen White being a profit.   What...
  2. Long time no see…

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    I swear, this site changes every time I come back.  Admittedly that’s every few years, but still. I joined this site at age 11 and I got married in December at 21.  I’m always surprised this site is still up and running because it’s been so long since it was...
  3. Being Ignored

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    Ever get the feeling that people are ignoring you? Whether it’s your parent(s), friends, siblings, ect.? How does that make you feel? Angry? Sad? Both? Now, I’ve might’ve said before that I keep things to myself. However, there are times when I want to talk to my mom about something...
  4. Introduction

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    Hey everyone! Welcome to my profile! I might not be on here very often, but I wanted to introduce myself before I head to bed. I\’ll try to make it brief. I\’m 22 years old, and I\’m slowly working my way of becoming an author and illustrator. My 2017 goal...


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