Good places to Start in Quiet time (and good books to study)

Hello! So I was asked if I knew any good places to start in the bible. This is a tough question though because how can I pick just a few? All of God’s word is a big deal and all of it needs to be read! HOWEVER, to start I would read a Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John). Another thing you can do is read 5 Psalm a day an 1 Proverb a day. You’ll be done with them in about a month. I also personally LOVE James. I’m going through Matthew right now. And before I move on to the next question I just want to say PLEASE don’t read to much in one day, whatever it is you decide in reading. If a chapter is to much for you than please don’t read a full chapter in one siting. My bible had headers and I read one of those most of the time but some times I read a full chapter, sometimes I read two chapters, and sometimes I read five verses. It all depends but reading isn’t understanding so please be sure to really chew on what your reading okay?

Next Question: Is There Any Good Devotionals You Could Suggest?

…. Well…… There are LOTS of good Devotionals out there! I’m not exactly sure what kind of devotional but I’ll make some here, along with their authors.

BULLIES – Mean Girls ~ Haley DiMarco : Mean Girls Gone ~ Haley DiMarco

SELF IMAGE – Beautiful in God’s Eyes ~ Elizabeth George : Five Senses (I’m not sure who this is by but it’s about knowing your beautiful through your five senses)

BELIEF – Beyond a Resonable Doubt ~ Frank Harbor (FABULOUS)


Thats all I have off the too of my head. Just FYI if it’s in bold that’s the categories it would fall under.

Bye! Love Always

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