Amber Thomas :)

elizI hate it when they call me the “old soul” of the group. But I’m the faithful one. I love God and talk to Him everyday. I’m analytical, intelligent, outgoing, caring and very formal. My friends (or family) don’t know this, but I’m working hard to be a country music star. My dad wants me to be a lawyer.

I’m a common sense girl and usually err on the side of over-responsibility. I have a good sense of myself, though, and have a strong spiritual ethic. Even with all that I do have the ability to “let my hair down” especially when I pick up my guitar and hang out with my girlfriends. My favorite music artists are Taylor Swift and Abby Carter.

I write the “Amber’s Daily Thoughts” articles to for the site. I swim backstroke and sometimes freestyle. 

 My dad is a partner in a law firm, and my mom works in their large home. My brother Ryan is my only sibling, and while he’s totally popular at school, he can be a real tyrant at home. Likewise, while I’m often “perfect” at school, I’m usually intolerant and rude to my brother. 

 My best friend is Maya!

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