Alex Diaz

You could say I have a chip on my shoulder that I use to hide my pain from my family. So here’s the deal – My parents were having some trouble in Texas so they shipped me off to Indiana to live with my grandparents. Yep, I live with papa Torres who is a retired minister and grandma who never stops preaching the Good News. So you can see why I can be a little rebellious. My nose ring and tattoo is a weekly sermon!

I’m also extremely independent and fiercely loyal. My best friend is Morgan. I’m known to verbally expressive and can often be quick to argue. I also have a high IQ/low EQ, and pushy. I care more than I let on, but less than anyone would like for me to.

I have to say I’m an awesome swimmer, especially in freestyle, and I feel I don’t need to practice. I love Mexican food—when it’s made properly—but I’ll eat almost any carbohydrate. Forget about fashion. I set my own.

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