So which mask did you put on today? Did you decide to wear the rude, unkind, greedy or bullying mask. In today’s world we struggle with our identity. Everyday we become new “characters” this is simply because we want to fit in, into certain groups. We want to be seen. But really at the end of the day we know that we are fooling ourselves. We hide behind our little masks, it’s tiring but most importantly it hurts God when we pretend to be something that we’re not. God has given us a new identity. We create masks because of fear and that is not the life our heavenly father wants for us. His love casts all fear away. We need to walk in the freedom God has given us in Jesus. Let’s take a look at our lives. Where are we not being honest with ourselves, let’s also continue to find out what we fear and then ask God to held us change. Let’s take off our masks. Let’s not think that we are protecting ourselves. Let us live in freedom from fear. Let our speech be seasoned with salt, let patience grow in us, let’s be considerate to one another Lastly We are loved by our father, our identity is found in him.

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